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“There Has Never Been a Better Time Than Right Now to Make a Fortune in the eCommerce Space!”

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Some amazing Amazon statistics:

  • On their best day they sell 400 products a second
  • On their best day they sell 35 million items per day
  • is just 22 years old (founded in 1994)
  • 244 million active users
  • 54 million prime customers
  • 100 billion dollars in net sales
  • Over 100 strategically placed warehouses
  • 44% of online shoppers go directly to amazon
  • Prime members spend (on average) $1500 per year
  • Amazon’s share of Black Friday 40%
  • Number of products purchased 2 billion
  • Number of products sold just in the USA – 500 million
  • Each day 500,000 new products added

What’s Even More Incredible is the fact that the Amazon Seller Growth Rate is Flat!  And!.. There are only 2 Million Advertisers on Facebook (including all the big retailers)!

Did You Know!…
4 Percent of the products sold on Amazon generate 64 percent of the revenue!

 In any opportunity the best position to be in is on “Top of the Wave” instead of being rolled over by it!
On top of this wave is exactly where we are now and The Product Selection Mastery Course will pave the way for you to break through the noise and take advantage of this emerging trend!

The Product Selection Mastery course was specifically designed to work with both the beginner and the seasoned marketer.  We take the guess work and stress out of the process of picking the right product (as in the 4 percent that bring in the biggest percentage of revenue) and much, much more!

Just a few of the things you’ll take away from this course:

  • The 7 Foolproof Qualities of a Killer Physical Product Opportunity
  • How to determine the optimal selling price
  • Why Private Labeling your product is the best marketing strategy and how to do it effectively
  • How to achieve “Top ranked Product” status quickly
  • How to stay ahead of any competitors
  • How to find (and work with) reliable manufactures/suppliers/vendors of your product
  • How to stay profitable at all times
  • Getting your product to market fast

…and more!


The Product Selection Mastery course comes with 5 killer training videos and a digital manual/workbook that will leave no stone un-turned and give you a complete understanding on how to start selling on Amazon and do it quickly!

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