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The Done With You Ultimate Performance Guarantee

Terms and Conditions of the Ultimate Performance Guarantee

  1. As described, The School of Closing will clearly define what our Done With You coaching program responsibilities are to you and what you are responsible for completing.
  2. In addition, how to use the software we provide, and explain in detail the benchmark system we use to govern the terms of the Ultimate Performance Guarantee.

To satisfy the 5-figure per month Ultimate Performance Guarantee there is a series of benchmarks that must be reached within the timeline that will be determined (based on our Done With You coaching mandatory Blue Print Action Plan) in your first “Planning Session” with your personal School of Closing business coach.  Within each benchmark there are several milestones that must be met, on time and date certain as detailed below, otherwise your written guarantee will be judged null and void.

 Please be advised:  We run an alert notification system designed to maintain communication cycles of action to keep you on track. This alert notification system will also warn you if you are not executing/completing mandatory assigned tasks within the Done With You coaching program and therefore be in jeopardy of voiding your Ultimate Performance Guarantee.

Requirement of Amazon Seller Central Access for Validation:

During our guarantee window it is mandatory that the School of Closing and its agents have total access to your Amazon Seller Central Account, to affirm your results and keep you on track.

Unlimited access during the term of the guarantee window, during the below stated period dates, is mandatory and includes sharing your username and password of the Amazon Seller Central in your Blueprint Action Plan. If the username and password is changed during the guarantee period, which is 12 months from the start date, and access is not granted back to us, The School of Closing and its agents, within 3 business days of the denied sign-in, your written guarantee will be termed null and void.

During the term of the guarantee window, up to the anniversary date, we will review weekly your sales results to verify that the written guarantee has been satisfied. Upon verifying satisfaction of the guarantee, the terms of the guarantee have been fulfilled by all parties.

Please be advised:  5 figure per month cash flow is defined as gross revenue generated from Amazon sales of products listed during the Start date to Anniversary date. It is not defined as income, profit, net profit or net net profit.  It only refers to gross monthly cash flow.

In Addition: within the twelve month period of the written guarantee (Start Date to Anniversary Date), the month that 5 figure gross cash flow is generated in the Amazon Seller Central Account’s Sales Summary dashboard, the written guarantee is now satisfied. If you reach 5 figure gross cash flow before the Anniversary Date, your business coaching will continue until said Anniversary Date is reached.

Benchmark and Alert Notification System

There are 3 milestones that must be met, and if they are not met, the Ultimate Performance Guarantee becomes null and void based on failure to comply with the following terms.

Benchmark 1: 1st Product is Live in 90 days from Start Date

Benchmark 2: 1 Initial Product Sold with 60 Days from Go Live Date of Amazon Product Listing

Benchmark 3: Benchmark 1, Benchmark 2, have not been satisfied or accomplished in subscribed time (as stated above), or any of the activities found under Article 1 were not completed in a punctual and compliant manner and after receiving 3 distinct warnings that a breach of contract is at risk. The School Of Closing and its agents reserve the right to deem your lack of compliance with Benchmark 1, Benchmark 2, Benchmark 3 and Article 1 as action in which the Ultimate Performance Guarantee will be judged null and void.

Missed Coaching Call(s)

Failure to Accomplish Action Items when directed by the Business Coach

3 Alert Notification System Types exist for Every Trigger Event where the Ultimate Performance Guarantee is at risk of becoming null and void:

We will make and document 9 attempts using the following three mediums within a two week window from a Trigger Event Date generated by our Alert Notification System: Cell Phone – Email – Snail Mail

Ultimate Performance Guarantee inclusions:

We provide to you, at no extra cost, the following software and services.  These services are integrated into our Done With You coaching program:

* Aweber

* LeadPages

* $500 in Paid Advertising

Additional Costs to Client

You recognize that the following software costs, services, advertising costs, and inventory costs are in addition to the cost of the School of Closing’s Done With You coaching program and are required in order to keep the Ultimate Performance Guarantee in effect.

Your financial investment will be required to provide the following services over the 12 month period, starting from your startup date:

  1. Sample Costs
  2. Logo Development and completion
  3. Private Labeling and Packaging Costs
  4. Inventory Management Costs
  5. Shipping Costs
  6. any Amazon fees (which include Fulfillment by Amazon fees)
  7. Advertising costs on Amazon Sponsored Ads and Google AdWords

Be Advised:    The Ultimate Performance Guarantee does not cover the costs of lost inventory


 The following is the components of our “Done With You Coaching Program”.  These are the things that we do with you to ensure that you are doing them in the proper sequence, as well as, getting things done in a time window that creates the fastest path to your ultimate success.  In addition, we lay out those components that are part of the “Done With You Coaching Program”.

To truly master digital marketing for your ecommerce business’s physical product sales, you need to master these 8 critical core disciplines:

  1. Conversion Funnels
  1. Content Marketing
  1. Customer Acquisition (via Paid Traffic)
  1. Email Marketing
  1. Social & Community Management
  1. Search Marketing
  1. Marketing Analytics
  1. Testing and Optimization

The following components are the “Done With You Program” that are governed by the Benchmark and Alert Notification System:


 Planning Session:

  • The Pledge to My Personal Success
  • Entrepreneurial Profile
  • Target Monthly Income {TMI}
  • Master Checklist – Homework
  1. Sign The Pledge to My Personal Success
  2. Define Why, by When
  3. Wealth Dynamics Test
  4. Myers Briggs Personality Test
  5. Set Up O365 OneNote access for utilizing your Blueprint Action Plan
  6. Schedule Silicon Valley Penthouse Visit {Before Month 6}
  7. Complete Passion Genius & Commitment Document
  8. Document Target Monthly Income goal with TMI Calculator
  9. Create v1 Exit Strategy
  10. Complete Product Research Based on PSM’s Teaching
  11. Top 100 Category Review
  12. Review Leland’s provided Software Generated List
  13. Review Google Trends
  14. Leverage tools to estimate Average Sales Volume of Product Selection
  15. Ensure Product isn’t on 47 Products to Avoid List [too much competition with same competitive advantages as you – overcrowded] – NOTE: if you choose a product from this list you will invalidate your Ultimate Performance Guarantee
  16. Review Product Selection to Develop Top 3 Finalists for Niche / Market
  17. Research Private Label Suppliers
  18. Rank Top 3 Suppliers per Product
  19. Craft Business Plan with 3-5 products to hit TMI goals
  20. Select First Product
  21. Order Samples
  22. Determine MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) Cost
  23. Review Negotiation Best Practices & Create Your Supplier Checklist
  24. Define A-Mark, B-Mark, C-Mark for each product
  25. Brainstorm Brand with Mike Collier
  26. Research Trademark Database for Brand availability
  27. Research Godaddy or equivalent service for .com
  28. Research Facebook for brand page availability
  29. Brainstorm & Create Marketing Tagline
  30. Create Customer Avatar
  31. Study Top 3 Competitors to Model & Track
  32. Order Product from 1 top competitor on First Page
  33. Create Killer Converting Keywords
  34. Review Google Keywords Tool
  35. Review Leland’s Provided Keyword Lists
  36. Organize and Rank top keywords [anchor, versus long tail]
  37. Write First Product Headline
  38. Write Product Bullets
  39. Write Product Description
  40. Uncover High quality digital photographer or digital creator [or use on of EIFL’s referrals]
  41. Create first 3 high quality images for Amazon
  42. Set up WordPress site on Godaddy or equivalent hosting site
  43. Set up Tumblr blog
  44. Set up Google Adwords Account
  45. Set up YouTube Channel
  46. Set up Facebook Page & Ads Accounts
  47. Set up Instagram account
  48. Set up company Twitter
  49. Set up company Pinterest & Ads Accounts
  50. Set up Amazon Seller Central Account & Amazon Sponsored Ads
  51. Consult Legal Advice & Account for Legal Entity Structuring
  52. Brainstorm 10 Friends & Family Members for requesting a review [White, Grey, Black]
  53. Create First Shipping Labels for FedEx ship Product to FBA
  54. Organize Shipping to Amazon FBA from China
  55. Create First Lead Magnet
  56. Copy Write First 5 Customer Emails
  57. Create First High Perceived Value Bonus – Ebook
  58. Create First Review Funnel using Clickfunnels
  59. Create First Rank Funnel using Clickfunnels
  60. Create First Mailer Piece
  61. Write 1st Press Release
  62. Create First Single Use Coupons
  63. Setup AmazoPage with Coupon usage
  64. Write Sales Script & Record Video for Video Pop up
  65. Register Brand on Amazon


  1. Order Sample for 2nd & 3rd Product
  2. Design
  3. Order MOQ
  4. Create Mailer for Cross Sells
  5. Create Continuity Offer [if applicable]
  6. Develop VIP Insiders group
  7. Create Bundle Offer
  8. Create 12 month Marketing Plan
  9. Signup for Bufferapp
  10. Create First Automated Post System for Twitter / Facebook – Instagram
  11. Hire First Virtual Team Member – to help with Marketing
  12. Create First Delegated Press Release on Fiverr
  13. Create First Product Marketing YouTube Video
  14. Set up continuity for products in Amazon
  15. Create first Contest to promote
  16. Hire first Fiverr Content writer to create a blog post
  17. Use Canva to create first Marketing Post for Facebook / Twitter
  18. Run first Facebook Ad
  19. Run first PPC Google Adwords Campaign
  20. Run first YouTube Paid advertising Campaign
  21. Run first Pinterest Ad
  22. Run first Advertorial
  23. Research High Quality Packaging Designers
  24. Create High Quality Packaging
  25. Design Simple Product Insert
  26. Order Product insert
  27. Create Business Bank Account
  28. Create First Business Credit Card Account
  29. Develop CFO Business Plan
  30. Saving Goals MOQ – 1 order, 2 orders
  31. Store 500 Inventory on the side
  32. Put 14% aside for marketing
  33. Put 11-22% aside for Personal Profit
  34. Create first Customer Call Down Script to request Review
  35. Create Job Description for
  36. Delegate 5 hours / week to customer follow up
  37. Invest in TeleAutomation to improve efficiency
  38. Create SOP to manage Taxation, Accounting, and Corporation


  1.  Outline 4 Hour Workweek Framework for Delegation, Automation, and FREEDOM, through a Trust by Verify Standard of Procedure
  2. Create New Business Plan to Grow business to 7+ Figures
  3. Create New Business Plan to Grow business to 7+ Figures
  4. Open Account in UK for Amazon
  5. Open Account in Canada for Amazon
  6. Open Account in Germany for Amazon
  7. Develop Product Inventory Single source of truth
  8. Organize multiple new channels to open:
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Walmart
  • Target
  1. Join Amazon Marketing Solutions
  2. Create Blueprint for your own separately operated online ecommerce store [minimum requirement, be at $50K-$60K / month in cash flow on Amazon]
  3. Create Shopify Account
  4. Develop Retail Strategy to get sales into stores
  5. Add chat feature to website
  6. Create Long Term SEO Strategy
  7. Develop Business Broker Relationships
  8. Create Business Plan to Acquire Top Competitors
  9. Develop Business Credit & Lines of Credit from 5 Banks



These 158 steps in our Done With You Coaching Program are the required components that will ensure your success and (when done as directed by your Done With You Coach) will also keep you in good standing with the Ultimate Performance Guarantee.

Our mission is to help you create an eCommerce business that ultimately fulfills the Mike Collier Perfect Business Equation“a business that works for you instead of you working for it + A business that produces the revenue stream you desire and the free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor” = The Perfect Business Equation