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The eCommerce Income for Life – Done With You – Program

Every quarter, we choose 10 candidates to participate in our “Done With You” Income for Life Ecommerce Program.  You will be mentored in a proven, evolutionary model for building an online business that focuses on our earn while you learn methodology that gets you live on Amazon and generating cash flow quickly and efficiently.

It is exciting to note that leaders in the ecommerce industry have acknowledged that our program is the next evolution in generating ecommerce millionaires.

Our Ecommerce Income For Life has 158 Steps that we personally walk you through step by step to ensure that you will end up with a business that is cash flowing (a minimum) 5 figures per month.  It is important to note that it is mandatory that you work with us one-on-one through each step.  We don’t allow any of our trainees to go off on their own and hope things work out!

Some of the highlights of this program include:

  1. Work with Leland Taylor & Mike Collier for the next year in a personal coaching relationship
  2. Product Selection Mastery Module
  3. Killer Converting Keywords Module
  4. Build your company leveraging the largest, most successful ecommerce platform in the world,
  5. Access Leland & Mike’s Executive Mentoring Mastermind Program ($6094 / month value)
  6. Access to Private Client Website which stores continually updating content on how to leverage accelerated business growth using digital & internet marketing and advanced teaching/learning processes so that you can model the same in your industry.  ($97,961 value)
  7. Access to Leland’s Lifestyle manual on how to work from anywhere, systemize your finances, and run 2 companies.  By the way, he did all this while working fulltime for a Fortune 100 company.  This Lifestyle Manual will show you how you can do it too no matter how busy you are right now. ($5,748 value).
  8. You will be included on the School of Closing Hall of Fame, where your accomplishments are shared publicly on our site.
  9. You will get video footage of you presenting to the group with testimonials from each group member.



BONUS 1 – Coaching Onsite Full Day Meeting at Leland’s Silicon Valley Penthouse – ($25,159 value)

BONUS 2 – Surface Pro 4 preloaded with our entire, step by step system ($4,246 value)

BONUS 3 – Access to a 1 Day Sneak Peak to Leland & Mike’s 3 Day PEAK PERFORMANCE SYMPOSIUM® mastermind at upscale locations across America ($9,516 value)


Our eCommerce Income for Life “Done With You” Program is a new, yet tested and proven business acceleration system for launching your business (as fast as humanly possible) into the marketplace on

This is truly an amazing moment in history we all live in, and now with the access to our current up to date correct knowledge, our tested proven systems, and the unlimited scale the internet provides, we have never been in a better position as entrepreneurs to create a “do it from anywhere” location free, online source of income.


Cutting edge technology in the digital world is an amazing thing and has accelerated the business cycles and extended our reach in the global economy.  But, even with all this wonderful technology we are still human beings and our human nature cannot be changed.  That’s why we believe (and have been proven right) that there is no substitute for one-on-one human contact when it comes to making very important positive life enhancing decisions.  So, let’s talk, one-on-one, so we can personally answer any question you may have regarding this life altering program.  To talk with us here’s what to do next… Immediately fill out the Entrepreneurial Profile (see link below) and schedule a time to chat with us… and one of our excellent, courteous staff will call you.  And by the way, our staff are great people, you’re really going to enjoy talking to them.

It’s important to remind you that we only take on 10 clients a quarter, it is imperative that you act now, otherwise your spot may be taken. Act right now.  Fill out the Entrepreneurial Profile and we’ll be talking with you soon!

“Don’t be the person who wishes (a year from now) that they would have gotten started today!”